Or Cohen – What helped her recover from knee pain in just one day?

Or Cohen is a cross-fit and weightlifting athlete. She had suffered from knee pain and swelling for years, which limited her in competitions, training, and daily activities.

Eva Ashkenezi – Quick Foot Fracture Recovery

Eva Ashkenezi, a 32-year-old woman, broke her foot. After 5 days of treatment with ACC, an X-Ray diagnosis revealed that her fractured bone was healed.

Severe Knee Pains and Osteoporosis – What helped to Miri Reicher?

Miri was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. She suffered severe knee and thigh pains and tried several unconventional treatment methods including reflexology and acupuncture. These treatments only led to short-term pain relief

Arie Gamliel – Injuries recovery and improvements in performance

Arie Gamliel was an Israeli Olympic long-distance runner. In recent years he had chronic inflammations in his tendons and muscles.
“My Recovery while increasing training was Fantastic”, Says Arie.

Aimro Alamia – What helped him recover from the injury and improve on his personal best performance?

Aimro Alamia is a long-distance runner with Israeli running records. Aimro suffered from a severe unhealed pelvic stress fracture. His medical support estimated a recovery period of six months before returning to regular training.

Recovering Spine and Back Injuries – Testimonial

Within two months of taking Density, the pain completely stopped. Now, Anat swims every morning, she jogs, she dances, in other words, she gained her life back.

Andrei Medvedev – What helped him return to training soon after the injury in the competition?

Andrey Medvedev is a silver medalist in the European Championship for artistic gymnastics. He has experienced a severe injury in his foot due to an unsuccessful landing.

Dr. Leonid Kaufman – Former coach of the Israeli swimming team

Dr. Leonid Kaufman has been the coach of the Israeli Olympic swimmer Yakov Tomarkin for many years. He has suffered from a chronic shoulder joint injury and was limited in performing many activities, both in and out of the water.

Yaakov Tomarkin, the Olympic swimmer, has recovered from a shoulder injury thanks to Density Sport

Yakov Toumarkin is an Olympic swimmer, with many Israeli swimming records. “In 2017, I was diagnosed with a right shoulder injury in my SC joint, which actually kept me from doing very simple and easy exercises that I practice every day”.

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