Recovering Spine and Back Injuries – Testimonial

Within two months of taking Density, the pain completely stopped. Now, Anat swims every morning, she jogs, she dances, in other words, she gained her life back.

Anat, a 56-year-old woman, suffered spine and back injuries caused by a car accident. She tried various treatments to overcome the pains and return to regular activities. A friend has suggested her taking 3 caplets of Density per day. Within two months the pains completely disappeared. Anat began swimming every morning, jogging, dancing, and she regained her normal life.

“I was shocked”, says Anat, “During my bone density test the technician was amazed by the new findings. She told me, that at my age the graph should be declining, or at least be static, but my graph showed an improvement in bone density.”

Anat recommended Density to a friend who broke her foot. “I told her to start taking Density right after her operation, she took 4 caplets per day and in less than a month she was able to return to her daily routine. Don’t think twice, it’s a blessing from nature.”

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