R&D Breakthrough

Amorphical has recognized the wide and unusual medical potential of ACC, and succeeded in making it suitable for human use after years of research and development.

Currently, we are marketing the DENSITY brand as an advantageous nutrient supplement, which has already become highly popular and includes 3 ACC-based dietary supplements: DENSITY CAPLETS, DENSITY SPORT and DENSITY KIDS. In addition, we are preparing to enter the pharmaceutics market, conducting multiple preclinical and clinical studies on a number of medical conditions, such as hypocalcemia, osteoporosis, fractures, hypoparathyroidism, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and more.

ACC uniqueness

Amorphical has recognized the wide and unusual medical potential of ACC, and succeeded in making it suitable for human use after years of research and development.

Clinical trials have proven that the absorption of ACC is twice faster on average than the absorption of crystalline calcium carbonate, and significantly better than that of calcium citrate (the two main active ingredients of most commercially available calcium supplements). The calcium supplied by ACC was found to have significantly higher bioavailability and activity than any other available calcium supplement.

ACC’s superior absorption and bioactivity help prevent osteoporosis, stimulate bone formation and even treat inflammation by regulating pH levels.

Amorphical is currently developing the amorphous dietary supplement know as DENSITY, which is already gaining great popularity and success. In addition, we are preparing to enter the market of osteoporosis, cancer, hypoparathyroidism and other medications.


Amorphical has 123 patents: 55 already registered in different countries and another 68 in a registration process.

The main patent families designated for treating various medical conditions are as follows:

  • Treatment of Cancer, Pain, Neurological Disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  • Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and Thyroid Function
  • Muscular Dystrophy, IVF and Sperm Quality
  • Muscle Inflammations and Bone Injuries Caused by Stress

Osteoporosis & Calcium

Bone loss is a natural process that accelerates after age 40 and may cause osteoporosis, fractures and other health issues. The prevalence of osteoporosis has risen significantly and will continue to in the future according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, due to the continuous growth of the worldwide aging of the population and ever-changing lifestyle habits. Similarly, there will also be a rise in both the prevalence and incidence of related fragility fractures. It is estimated that worldwide, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men, over age 50, will experience osteoporosis fractures in their remaining lifetimes. It is assessed that the number of patients worldwide with osteoporotic hip fractures is more than 200 million. In both Europe and the United States, 30% of all women are osteoporotic, and it is estimated that 40% post-menopausal women and 30% men will experience an osteoporotic fracture throughout the rest of their lives.

Calcium is essential not only for strong bones and teeth, but also for a number of other physiological processes and body systems – cardiovascular, neurological, etc. Calcium deficiency is not immediately noticeable and cannot be seen in routine blood tests. As necessary our body maintains the required blood calcium levels by decomposing bone tissues, which may cause severe and potentially life-threatening health problems.

Commercially available calcium supplements are not efficient enough for achieving appropriate absorption and utilization of calcium. Our body’s ability to absorb the calcium from those products is limited and depends on the supplement’s ability to break down into calcium ions in our stomach, which are then absorbed in the intestine.

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