The Mechanism of ACC (Amorphous Calcium Carbonate)

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In contrast to normal cells, this metabolic pathway results in parallel generation of release hydrogen. Ions and lactate in the tumor’s micro environment resulting in local acidosis the ACC nanoparticles reach the acidic environment of tumors it unloads basic carbonate ions which neutralize the excessive acidity and restore homeostasis. This pH modulation by ACC nanoparticles causes cancer cells to shift their metabolism towards oxidative phosphorylation reduces tumors growth rates reduces invasion and metastatic capabilities and enhances the immune system ability to defeat the tumor.


Various cancers kill close to 17 million people worldwide each year. Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells which results in malignant tumors. These tumors evade programmed cell death apoptosis create new blood supply to the tumor via angiogenesis has enhanced growth capacity through invasion metastasis and evading the immune system. These harmful activities are amplified by what is known as the warburg effect in which the tumor cell’s metabolism proceeds through the glycosis root even in the presence of oxygen.


Amorphical focuses on developing safe and innovative therapeutic treatments for cancer based on this accumulated anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic evidence. This revolutionized oncological approach is supported by other Amorphical’s discoveries about the ACC’S great potential for reverting bone deterioration and accelerating their repair healing Inflammations affecting autoimmune diseases, reducing pains, improving fertility and enhancing athletic performance.


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