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Increased Calcium Absorption From Synthetic Stable Amorphous Calcium Carbonate: Clinical Trial In Postmenopausal Women

This double-blind randomized crossover clinical trial compared the bioavailability of stabilized ACC to that of CCC. The trial was conducted by Prof. Nachum Vaisman in Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv. To trace the calcium ions administered by means of calcium tablets, two unique calcium isotopes were used (44Ca and 42Ca).

The study population consisted of 15 postmenopausal women at an average age of 54.9±2.8 years, who were no more than 5 years after menopause and had no history of major medical illness or metabolic bone disorder, excess calcium intake, or vitamin D deficiency. Standardized breakfast was followed by randomly provided CCC or ACC capsules containing 192 mg elemental calcium.


Study Results

The study results demonstrate that fractional calcium consumption (FCA) from ACC doubles that of CCC.

The article concludes that ACC may be a more effective substance for calcium supplementation than any currently available product, including crystalline calcium carbonate (CCC) andcalcium citrate, the predominant calcium supplements.



“Increased Calcium Absorption from Synthetic Stable Amorphous Calcium Carbonate: DoubleBlind Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial in Postmenopausal Women”, Vaisman, N., Shaltiel, G., Daniely, M., Meiron, O.E., Shechter, A., Abrams, S.A., Niv, E, Shapira, Y & Sagi, A., J Bone Miner Res. 29, 2203-9 (2014)

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