DENSITY KIDS is a unique amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) supplement, made with a mildly sweet orange flavor.

DENSITY KIDS is the only calcium supplement in the world that it is both amorphous (as opposed to crystalline) and nanoparticulate (made up of nanoparticles, which are a million times smaller than the particles of any other calcium supplement), absorbed 2 times better on average than any kind of crystalline calcium, and directly targets specific organs or systems.

Why is it important for children to consume calcium?

Research shows calcium is essential for:

1. Growth

2. Building bone mass and stronger bones and joints

3. Proper growth and strength of teeth

4. Strengthening the immune and nervous systems

5. Proper functioning of the heart, nervous system and blood clotting

6. Improving mineral availability in the body

The solubility of DENSITY KIDS is 120 times that of any other calcium supplement, making it highly efficient.

For relevant research studies => click here

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The New Generation Of Calcium

Commercially available calcium supplements (with or without vitamin D) are not an adequate solution for bone loss. The body’s ability to absorb common calcium supplements is limited and their efficacy in preventing osteoporosis and fractures is questionable. The calcium ions in DENSITYTM are absorbed two times more readily, on average, than common crystallized calcium carbonate.**** This exceptionally high absorption level significantly enhances the potential of DENSITYTM to help prevent osteoporosis and fractures and stimulates bone formation.**
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DENSITY is not for sale in the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan

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