Cell Therapy

A rapidly Growing Segment in Advanced Therapy

Cell therapy is the use of different cell types to treat or cure diseases, and is a rapidly growing medical technology. Although the market size estimates are highly dependent on the reporting source, it is currently estimated at between 5.5 and 8.5 billion dollars with an annual growth rate ranging from a few to tens of percent.


ACC Improves Culturing of Many Cell Types

ACC has demonstrated faster and better proliferation, differentiation and early tissue arrangement of numerous types of cells including muscle, nerve, osteoblast, human T cells, and human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). MSC exhibited an improved differentiation into 3 cell types: osteocytes (bone cells), adipocytes (fat cells), and chondrocytes (cartilage cells). The improvement, achieved by ACC, is attributed to the slow release of its essential calcium ions and its function as a mild pH buffer (modulator), both needed for healthy cell functioning.

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